Offerings Nutrition

I successfully graduated as a vegetarian and vegan nutritionist and know the benefits of a purely plant-based diet.

In order to work with me, however, it is not a prerequisite that you eat a vegetarian or vegan diet or want to become a vegetarian or vegan.

I also do not stick 100% to a vegetarian diet either, because my “Pitta-Vata” Dosha type means that I depend on a rather protein-rich diet. However, I try to cover my daily protein requirement with purely plant-based protein sources and consume as little meat and / or fish as possible, as the welfare of the animals is very important to me.

Main topics nutrition:

  • I support you in switching to a vegetarian and / or vegan diet
  • I will help you to reach your desired weight
  • I will show you which foods can help you to feel healthy and vital

How does it work?

In a free consultation, we get to know each other, analyze your current diet and talk about your goals and wishes and then decide on a possible cooperation.

Then I create an individual meal plan (including recipes) tailored to you and your wishes. We can also take your favorite ingredients into account. The consultation can be carried out either in person on site, by telephone or online (e.g. via telephone or zoom).

Energy balance:

  • Introductory talk (approx. 20 minutes) - free of charge
  • Initial consultation (approx. 60 minutes) - 99 Euros
  • Follow-up consultation (approx. 30 minutes) - 30 Euro