Offerings Yoga

Current offer for individuals:

My focus is on individual coaching. I want to offer interested and motivated people the opportunity...

  • ... to learn yoga or to deepen their personal yoga practice
  • ... to work on an individual focus topic
  • ... to train as long and to those times that can best be integrated into everyday life

How does it work?

In a free conversation we get to know each other and talk about the duration and the focus of the yoga class as well as any health issues we should consider during the practice.

Then I create an individual yoga session tailored to you and your wishes. The yoga class can be carried out either in person on site or online (via zoom). There is also the possibility that I record the individual exercises or yoga asanas and make them available to you digitally so that you can practice them yourself again and again when you find the time.

Energy balance:

  • 30 minutes - 20 Euro
  • 60 minutes - 35 Euro
  • 90 minutes - 50 Euro

Obwohl mein Fokus auf Individualstunden liegt, biete ich auch ab und an Gruppenstunden für Privatpersonen in verschiedenen Stilen (Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha oder Yin) und zu verschiedenen Schwerpunkten (Hüfte, Schulter & Nacken, Rücken, …) online über Zoom an. Infos zu den Gruppenstunden findet ihr here.

Current offer for companies and clubs (excerpt):

  • Sunrise yoga: we flow through sun salutations and individual flows and thus gently wake up our body and prepare it for the new day
  • Yoga @ Lunchtime: in addition to a breathing and an eye exercise, we focus on the neck, the shoulders and the entire back
  • Workshops: topics and execution according to individual agreement

Energy balance: Termine und Preise nach Absprache