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Caroline Eisenhofer - Yoga, Food and Travel
Caroline Eisenhofer - Yoga, Food and Travel
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Ilona Kirsch
Ilona Kirsch
Caroline Eisenhofer, is a great, personable yoga teacher who offers added value. If you want to feel balanced and full of power, you should definitely book a yoga class with her. I always enjoyed doing yoga with her. (I had one-on-one yoga classes with Caroline) After that I always feel like I've done something good and keep my body fit. I am glad for her trained look with which she kindly pointed out to me, if necessary, how I can do the exercises correctly. Her nutritional knowledge is also very helpful.
Viktoria Karb
Viktoria Karb
For a long time I always had complaints such as a tight neck, headache or breathing problems because my chest felt constricted. One day at the end of September 2020, I could no longer move my right arm without pain. The doctor gave it the usual, pills for pain and as anti-inflammatory drugs. Unfortunately, it didn't get any better after 10 days. Then I finally got an appointment with the orthopedist and he recommended that I do yoga, among other things. I wrote to Caronline and they created my exercises that helped me to alleviate my symptoms. How do I know it was because of the exercises? Physio had to wait because of a lack of appointments and the tablets did not help. I noticed immediately when I hadn't started my day with the exercises, but also in the evening to stretch and then come to rest, the exercises are simply the best that could have happened to me. I can only recommend Caroline as a yogi. She deals with you personally and takes the time. She is also always there for questions and if necessary she changes or extends something in the exercise plan. I look forward to more yoga sessions. What I almost forgot; in times of Corona, but even if you don't live around the corner, everything worked absolutely great digitally.
Thomas Specht
Thomas Specht
Dear Caro, had never tried yoga before, after the first two training sessions with you I now do yoga regularly. Thank you, it was really great and I can only recommend it πŸ‘
Dear Caro I'm not a real yoga specialist, but the online yoga class with you was incredibly good and a lot of fun. You go into the details very much so that it's easy to understand. I would love to be there again ...

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"Thank you very much for the great start to the day :)"


"Thanks a lot! This session definitely cheered me up. "


"It was great again. I'm already looking forward to the next session."


"Thank you Caro, that was a great and intensive start to the day today."


"Thank you Caro! Now the day can start!!"


β€œA bright start to the day. Thank you very much Caroline!"


"Thank you Caro! It was great!"


"Thank you Caro for a great start to the week!"


β€œIt was nice again and it did good to my body. Thanks Caro."


"It was very refreshing again, thanks Caroline."


"Thank you Caro! A wonderful start to the morning. Now I am awake!"


"Thanks a lot! Although i am a beginner to yoga, I was able to follow well and it was a very nice class. I think everything will hurt tomorrow!"


"I thought it was great too! Thanks a lot!"


β€œI’d love to be there again next time! Thank you very much, Caro! :) "