Yoga styles

My focus and my passion are Ashtanga- and Vinyasa-Yoga. Both are very dynamic and physically demanding yoga styles, in which breath and movement flow together.

Nevertheless, I don't want to miss the relaxation and deceleration of a Hatha- or Yin-Yoga class after a stressful workday.

Brief explanation of the individual yoga styles

Ashtanga-Yoga: Ashtanga Yoga is the supreme discipline among the yoga styles and a style that quickly strengthens and shapes the body. There are a total of six series, all of which build on one another. The first series is most commonly practiced. It consists of a total of 41 asanas, which are always performed in the same order.

Vinyasa-Yoga:  Ein körperlicher, dynamischer Yoga-Stil, in dem die verschiedenen Asanas fließend ineinander übergehen – die Bewegungen werden mit der Atmung synchronisiert.

Hatha-Yoga: Hatha is a Sanskrit term and can be translated as follows: Next to “ha” (sun, power) there is “tha” (moon, silence). So in Hatha Yoga, opposing powers are united. Hatha is a gentle yoga style, the asanas are executed solely and therefore this yoga style is ideal for beginners

Yin-Yoga: Do you want to start your day in peace or calm down and relax deeply after a stressful day? Then Yin Yoga is just right for you. Yin yoga is a passive yoga style in which the individual asanas are held for a long time (approx. 3-5 minutes). The focus here is on the stretching of the fasciae and the deep-lying connective tissue. This style of yoga is suitable for beginners.

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